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Silo Vent, Air Intake Vent 
& Fumigation Chamber

Silo Ventilation Systems Pty Ltd is the official distributor of the Silo Vent and Air Intake Vent (AIV) product range.

Silo Vent is a low-cost and maintenance-free solution to reduce internal temperature and humidity levels for silos stored with grain, feed or legumes.

Air Intake Vents (AIV) are installed near the base of silos and are designed to increase passive airflow throughout the stored commodity improving aeration. The AIV acts as a sealed chamber for the easy administration of chemical treatments at ground level, improving efficiency and safety.

The NEW AIV-BB features heavy-duty construction with seamless fittings, thereby increasing the amount of phosphine tablets that can be added. This also means that fewer units are required for larger silos.

Making the Difference

Silo Vents & Air Intake Vents can be installed separately but work best when used in conjunction with each other. 

Their benefits include reducing the internal silo temperature, stabilising the grain temperature, reducing the humidity and condensation build-up in silos, replacing and circulating air inside silos and ensuring that insects do not enjoy optimum breeding conditions.
Our Products
Silo Ventilation Systems Pty Ltd products are designed to make grain storage and management safer and easier. The products are easy to install; environmentally friendly; operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and require no ongoing maintenance after installation.

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