Installation Information

Installation of both Silo Vents and Air Intake Vents is easy, but due to the safety risks of working at dangerous heights, we recommend that the Silo Vent units be installed by one of our qualified installers. A list of installers is provided below:

Tower Hire
Andrew Petrie,
Mobile 0418 533 884
St. Arnaud, Vic.

Norm's Bin & Silo Windows
Norm Pitcher,
03 5391 0220
Mobile: 0429 859 890
Nhill, Vic.

Air Intake Vents can safely be installed from ground level. For more information on installation of the Air Intake Vents/Fumigation Chambers, please see below.

Installation Procedures for Air Intake Vents

    • Determine the number of AIVs required. (See table below.)
    • On a free standing cone-based silo, determine where the base cone meets the side walls.
    • Measure down 400mm towards the base of the silo.
    • Position the AIVs evenly around the cone of the silo.
    • Avoid placing any AIV in the direct path of the grain being dropped into the silo from the top opening lid.
    • Draw a 100mm circle on the cone where the AIV is to be inserted.
    • Drill a pilot hole in the circle, enabling a metal nibbler to be inserted, and cut a 100mm circular hole.
      • Remove mesh end cover and upper moulded flange from the AIV and insert the AIV into the hole in the silo cone.
      • Drill out bolt holes through the silo cone where indicated on flange.
      • Slide the AIV out and place sealant on the underside of the outside flange. As AIV is repositioned, put bolts in place.
      • From inside the silo cone, replace upper flange to the cylinder, place sealant on inside of flange and align with bolts. Tighten nuts and bolts, causing both flanges to push together against the silo cone. Once in position, run a bead of sealant around the top edge of the flange to seal it against the cylinder.
      • Run a bead of sealant around the mesh cover of the AIV and push the cover on the end of the AIV cylinder. 
      For straight side silos, measure from the silo base up 300mm, draw a 100mm circular template and repeat the abovementioned installation procedures.

      The capacity of a silo determines the number of AIVs required:
      • Silos up to 50 tonnes: 1 x AIV
      • 51-120t silo: 2 x AIVs
      • 121-200t silo: 3 x AIVs
      • 201-500t silo: 4 x AIVs
      In all procedure operations comply with your states OH&S regulations for working with steel, with sealants and in confined spaces.
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